• Y. Y. Misiura

Ключові слова:

motivation, learning process, learning material, learning environment, students, teacher, educator, generation Z


English has truly become an international language and the need to study it has become vital to every student in order to get a goodjob and become a valuable member of our society. That’s why the issue on how to motivate students to study English represents considerable interest for teachers around the globe. The topic of human motivation is incredibly fascinating and was investigated by outstanding scientists, such as Abraham Maslow, Jere Brophy, Ken Bain, Linda Nilson, Knud Illeris and many others. This paper is aimed to analyze key approaches for motivating and encouraging university students to study English. Mainly, we focused on such motivation factors as the image of a teacher, peculiarities of motivating generation Z, the influence of learning material, appropriate learning environment and maintaining success expectations. Focusing on the mentioned top­ics helped us establish main motivation techniques and defines direction of further research.


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